Sunday, February 28, 2010

CNY Special - Trip to Thailand

My family and I spent our Chinese New Year in Hat Yai, Songkhla, Thailand. It was tiring and somewhat hectic but I get to taste new food besides of those available back in Malaysia. The weather was nice for photography too! Click the pictures to enlarge. Due to an unexplained reason, Blogspot failed to upload some pictures here. So head to my Facebook album then: Trip to Thailand

(left) Real tasty teh ais to cool down, (right) Mini pineapple that's seriously sweet.

The pineapple stall.

A visit to some temple in the middle of rubber tree estate.





(left) Random snap, (right) Nearby hotel in the evening.

 Food stalls galore in Hat Yai in the night.

(left) Fresh oysters and squids, (right) Ho chien; fried oyster with egg.

 Hat Yai in the morning.

A visit to Hat Yai Municipal Park.








 Dad on the right.

 Mom and I.

 Gazillion firecrackers.

Visit to somewhere nearby the beach in Songkhla; Sea serpent Nag's head overlooking to the water port.

(left) Friends family and mine, (right) Dad and mom.


Visit to the local market.



Souvenir of life-size lobsters.

(left) Traffic police, (right) Busy road. 

 Entrance to Klonghae floating market.

(left) Temple arch just at the side of the market entrance, (right) Tiny scrambled eggs.

(left) Fried worms, (right) Fried grasshoppers.

(left) Exotic fried food stall, (right) Overview of the floating market.



(left) Tasty glutinous rice with mango and coconut milk.




Tuk-tuk, a cheap and fast way to travel.

(left) Fried food galore, (right) This big head prawn cost 300 baht.


That's all for my Thailand visit. Hope to go somewhere else next time.

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