Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Run Devil Run at hand

Despite being thrown in the abyss of examination, I got my hand (finally!) on SNSD's current Run Devil Run repackaged album through online order with the help of a buddy. Ordering from GrapeMusic which deliver directly from South Korea is very satisfying; the delivery reached early a week from ETA with free keychain phone strap (I got Soo Young's).

Foreground - Booklet, background - CD.

I do know beforehand that there will be a mystery poster hid in the album which will be either 1 of the members. I have been hoping to get Tiffany and to my surprise, I really got it! What luck I have?

 The mystery poster.

Fany's page with a piece of signatures from the girls (notice her signature in the foreground).

The final page of the booklet, flashed.

The free poster; the length is about half of my bed.

There's a whopping 15 songs in the album by the way, Google up the content. No I haven't touch the CD yet, and no I didn't stick the poster up. Gonna be moving house again I guess.

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