Monday, November 15, 2010

Fashion 37

In season - Denim, leopard, fleece, floral and military. Or just go with your own.

(left) Reminds me of aura attraction, (right) Mix and match.

Those bunch of fleece jacket from Uniqlo make sense now.

She's very beautiful.

These remind me that denim is still "in".

(left) Smart young fella, (right) Denim blue and Military green.

The quirky ones.

I went to Uniqlo @ Fahrenheit88, Kuala Lumpur last Saturday. Didn't buy much since most of the stock are old, very less and not entirely attractive. However, I do notice something. The stretchable mesh belt.

Elastic belt with rectangular silver buckle - SGD29.90/MYR79.90

Elastic belt with tapered brass buckle - USD75.00

Look at how closely they resemble each other. Surprisingly they both came out around the same time. Great minds think alike?

(left) In slanted checkers sweat hoodie, (right) In camouflage sweat hoodie.

 What I grabbed in boredom/desperation.

That's all. Au revoir~

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