Monday, June 27, 2011

That cool girl

Last Friday (24th of June), Mak and I planned for a jam practice at his house. Before that, we went for a minor purchase, guitar cable and strings, at CK Music. I bought the Vox cable there, while they don't have both 9-46 and 10-46 strings for electric guitar. 

 The 24k gold-plated Vox cable

So, we walked over to JS Music (located at the same row) for it. Climbed up first floor, it's all drums before being directed to second floor for guitars and amps. While climbing up the stairs, I heard the sound of electric guitar. I did a guessing, where from the sound of it, I knew it would be a Fender electric guitar and an Orange amp. Upon arrival, we saw a sweet Asian girl, pale skin, brownish hair testing her white Fender Japan guitar with an Orange Tiny Terror tube amp (YES!). When she saw us, she quickly pack her guitar into her Mono bag and serves us. In my mind, I was like, "Wow, they have some seriously good looking girl as a worker."

While on the way back, I was so excited after seeing a professional female guitarist for the first time. We did a lot of guessing and chatting, where I  said it would be great to know her as I did not have any female friends who played in a gig. Then I also said if she's a vocalist, it would be perfect and Mak said her voice is good for singing. But he also said she should be there just to test on the amp, not the worker. I just said, maybe.

The next day, Mak messaged me, "... she's half Japanese half Chinese, vocalist and guitarist for a band..." I then replied, "You sent wrong people?" He claimed, "It's the girl we met in JS Music yesterday, I asked my friend who worked there." Oh gosh, so she is everything I expected to. What's more, after I added her in Facebook, I got to know she's very active in the band/gig thing, where she's the lead vocalist and a guitarist, often plays in restaurant and bar, and recently even joined the Battle of the Bands. She also released her single album, under the name of ENDLESS ETERNAL. Wow... that's overkilling. 

Her name is Sakuragi Haoto, and here are some of her performances:

She's so cool! I even told her that she's cool, haha!

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