Saturday, February 25, 2012

Fashion 59

Blue is for man, pink is for woman. It has been this way since I dunno when. Every man should have something blue in their possessions. Let it be jeans, bag, shoes, shirt, erm... bottle? I remember back then (less than a month back) I was in lunacy with maroon/burgundy stuff. But the season favours blue, and everything blue got cheaper. And attractive. And... and... just attractive. 

I posted Justin Timberlake's styles in one of his movie back then and I went to Asos to search for similar item. Tadaa! Here they are.

(left) Dockers khaki shirt£33, (right) Asos twill slim fit chino£25.50.

Low priced stuff due to sales for leap year! Been wanting to buy the pants but I've got no shoes to pair with it. So I searched for cheap shoes.

(left) Asos leather sole brogues£40, (right) Asos washed brogues with leather sole£44 (out of stock).

Of course the better one have to be sold out. They are considerably cheaper than what you can get in Malaysia, albeit with leather sole. Talking about shoes, I noticed shoe designs had evolved a lot, becoming hybrid. 

Prada has always be a trend-setter rather than follower. They exude interesting and sometimes weird vibes through their collection and the above sneakers are rather over-the-top. So how do they compare to Cole Haan's creation; the LunarGrand Wingtip that spots Nike's sole with brogues upper? 

Oh I like that suede blue one by the way. And also last season's Prada brogue espadrilles creepers.

An array of love-it-or-leave-it lace-ups. Prada Brogue Espadrilles, £640.

Enough of expensive shoes. I found some interesting entries from Zara as well, mainly due to their colours.

Zara (from left) Combined Oxford Shoe MYR459, Combined Deck Shoe MYR329, and Combined Deck Shoe MYR179.90.

Sole What also brought in a new shoe that catches my eyes and made me kinda frustrated. I can't buy it!

Look at the suede upper!!! Anyway, back to blue. I bought a blue streak Jansport backpack from Asos since they're giving free international shipping. It took 2 working days for my card to bill in before they despatched the bag. The ETA was supposed to be within 8 working days, but due to the Malaysia customs and efficiency of the national post, it took 11 working days to arrive. Anyway, I should be happy that it arrived at all (feared of loosing it).

Arrival. Jansport Heritage Backpack, £30.

Woo hoo!!!

(from left) Suede tasseled zipper, fabric badge, and suede base. 

It cost a measly GBP30, and so is the quality. Wonder if it'll last. But it comes with 30 years warranty. No fret! And wow, what a long post. Gotta go!

Au revoir.

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