Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Malaysian Currency Collection

Despite the 'oh-so-serious' title, it's no big deal. I had this hobby of keeping/saving bank notes and coins whenever I know they're going to be replaced by new designs. I started since I was in primary school, keeping coins of different years (albeit the same design) and so on. However, my collection is not big and not as vintage/mint as you might expect. And as mentioned in the title, I only keep Malaysian currency. Patriotic :)

I started with a few coins I deemed interesting. Then as the collection grown, I had to buy an album and stuck them in to avoid losing them. I used to keep 50 cents too, but at that time I was young with no income, so had to scrap that idea and used up the 50 cents haha!

(Clockwise from top left) 1 cent, 5 cents, 10 cents, and 20 cents.

As you may notice (sorry for the poor lighting), there are difference between the same value of the coins. This is due to the change of coin designs happened during my era (the coins used during my time). The rows  above of each type of coins were used in the past while the rows below are the current design. But that doesn't mean they can't be used right now. They just stopped production.

These are the Ringgit Malaysia 1 coins. As you may notice, there are 2 designs with only a slight different. They were used in the past before being replaced back by notes. Bank Negara Malaysia had issued that these coins may not be used anymore.

The Malaysian currency notes.

It's very hard to provide a good lighting in my room ever since I threw away my DIY lightbox. Anyway, the above show the bank notes, old and new (newest coming this July). I forgot to keep a specimen of the RM10 before the introduction of the current one with lead insert (most bottom right). Need to search for it now.

Same design, changed of Governor. 

Changed design and governor, before the introduction of plastic note.

The no-more-in-use RM2 note and the old RM10 note.

These are my collection to date, not expansive nor expensive. There were RM20, RM500, and RM1000 bank notes in the past too! But to keep them means I must be rich. Alright, ciao!

*For more information regarding the Malaysia Currency, click this.

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