Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dunno what to put

Okay here's some quick update on Christmas eve party and barbecue+birthday party held on 28th of Dec.

Christmas Eve

After the car accident, I went home and posted the previous entry and then to Sam's house to "help" him do preparation for the party. However, I went out with Shukri to fetch his brother anyway. BUT, his brother was busy sleeping so we have to left him in the house and get on without him. *Pfft*

Fast forward>>

The party pictures..... well, sort of, since the boss haven't got time to send me the photographs taken by his camera. Enjoy!

The food:

The rabbit was delicious yum yum......................................nah, just another guest.

Ze zurkey isz not delizious. From Victoria Station by the way.

The boozes; who's taking that Chivas?

Sam's sister. 16 year old. Hardcore alcoholic.

Our party waitress. Hoy Yan. Go checkout her blog!

We tiga orang stand outside, apparently I just wanted to take out my HP too.

Barbecue+Birthday party

Same thingy happened before the party starts, minus the accident and that Shukri's brother came.

Hmm..... it's raining when we're partying, but we had fun as usual anyway!

Random picture taken by Hoy Yan. We were standing in the rain, away from the cream throwing.

See what I mean? He's Sam by the way...

The cakes, dunno where they bought it. Being straight, not nice.

It's a happy day after all.

Hopefully I'll get the pictures by next week..................hopefully. K la, ciao.

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