Thursday, January 1, 2009

환영 2009년 모두!!!

Literally it means "Welcome 2009 everyone!!!"

Right. Where do we start in this beautiful damp day where it rains then it stops (of course).

The diesel quality will be heightened in this year to somewhat cleaner and more fuel-efficient. Besides, water bill will be raised if the Federal government does not take over the company. Malaysia economy growth will decreased from 5% in 2008 to just 3.5%. Recession, doom, crime, terror and disharmony.

I remember yesterday in my engineering mechanic tutorial class, my lecturer asked us of which is the biggest city in the world. The answer is NOT in the Northern America, nor it is in the Russia or China. It's Mexico City. What of the irony is that there's 1 Mexican bloke woke up 1 morning and thought, "Shit. I can't afford my mortgage any more."

And the fact that for the last few years, most banks have been lending more money than they have. So, thanks to the bone-idle Mexican who borrowed half a mill to buy a stupid prefab house, the whole world has had it. You've already lost your savings. Soon you will lose your job. Then your house will go, and the only way to survive will be to murder the postman and eat him. For the next few years, you're going to think a pork chop is the last word in decadence. What's more, your children will get a lump of coal for Christmas, and they will love it. They will give it a name and play with it, before you had to sell them in exchange for some rice. This means Sony won't sell any Playstations, which means they will have to lay off their workforce, which means the problem will spread to Japan. And China. And India.

As a result, no one's going to be buying a new sofa on credit any time soon, partly because there won't be any credit and partly because there will be no sofa companies. And, of course, if you can't get loan to buy anything, you sure as hell won't be in with much of a chance of getting a loan to buy a new car. Which is why we're waving goodbye to Volkswagen, General Motors, Toyota and Renault. Proton? I bet they've gone already.

Of course, governments could get round the problem by increasing taxes, but what's the point when everyone is unemployed so no one's paying tax anyway? Or they could print money, which will lead to massive inflation. A loaf of bread will cost RM80,000 trillion, so the RM8000 savings you took out of the bank in its last few days of solvency and hid under the stairs is not going to be enough to buy even a paper clip, leave alone a VW Polo. It'll be goodbye Nissan Z car, hello Zimbabwe.

This will cause lots of governments to borrow cash which they won't be able to repay. So they'll go bust as well. Which means the army won't get any money so when civil disobedience begins, and it will, when everyone has eaten all the postman, there will be no one on hand to sort it out. Of course, because no one will have any money, no one will be buying any oil which will cause massive pressure in Iraq, which will turn into a blood-bath as all the Middle Eastern states pile in, and the West is unable to stop them, because America's gone ---- up. And remember, this is all because a Mexican man chose to fill his pickup with fuel, rather than pay his bloody mortgage bills.

So, who'll be happy in the end where the plague kills everyone and, strangely, removes all cars from the planet as well. Well that's what the streets will look like. There will be utter desolation, apart from a few eco hippies running around rejoicing because, at last, they've got what they've wanted for so long.

God... what a long passage I've written. Sorry to Mexico, sorry to that Mexican bloke and buckle up everyone. We're heading for a ride.

And oh, before I forgot, I went for a movie with the usual company, Shukri, Sheng, Syi Nee, Sam, Bun, Chin and Hoy Yan. Ip Man's not bad, but a bit on the anti-climax as his wife haven't been raped and he's not dead. Well if he's dead, there's no Bruce Lee and the dream of Chinese entering Hollywood will begone by now.

Ink Heart anyone?

Ciao and salam sejahtera. (Wth)

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