Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fashion 3 x Random 23

This is getting ridiculous. I can't stop myself from plagiarism! Sorry Mr. Schuman.

(left) Told you the band jacket's back, (right) Rolled up shorts.

(left) I like the simplicity of her dress; note the butterfly, (right) Trousers length are getting shorter.

(left) Postman shorts, (right) This man is all about 80's; the hair, cuffed skinny jeans and electrifying blue stocking.

I went for some shopping today. Instead of buying a Zara pants, I bought a Topman's slim jeans. And instead of Topman plimsolls or Converse Jack Purcell, I got a common off white Chuck Taylor. My plans always deviated at the end.

(left) Super stretch skinny, (right) Slim ringspun denim,

Skinny coated.

I chose the slim jeans because it's more comfortable compared to the other two. The super skinny is so tight until my foot barely can go through it. The regular skinny is a bit okay..... will be getting it next time I suppose.

Another Chuck Taylor All Star; must get Jack Purcell next time!

I don't follow the current trend or whatever. I just simply wear what I have, heck, I don't even have my own style, let alone following fashion. I'm just a newbie venturing into plagiarizing fashion blog LOL.

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