Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fashion 16

Yes I'm seriously late. By the time I post up something, it may have been past the season.

 Joana from Rio de Janeiro in her daily matching in Summer.

Total match; blue glasses and scarf.

From Jane Aldridge in Sea of Shoes; Animal Farm

(left) Looking sensual in the Summer, (right) Close up of her vintage double horse head necklace and Christopher Ross fox head belt buckle.

I was browsing through an online fashion shop few weeks ago and guess what I stumbled upon in the sales section?

Belt? Nope. It's a leather dog lead by Paul Smith.

Dog bowl by Paul Smith

Gosh, who would use them? Designer dogs?

Seriously nice streamlined polo from Marc by Marc Jacobs.

I was, well still is interested into pronouncing those French fashion names and I found this particular website - How do you pronounce your favourite designer's names?

Some examples:
1. Givenchy - Jhee-von-shee
2. Christian Lacroix - Cristian la-kwa
3. Balenciaga - Bah-len-see-ah-ga
4. Hermes - Air-mez/Err-mez
5. Jean Paul Gaultier - Jshon-paul-go-tee-ah
6. Lanvin - Lon-vohn/lon-vin (also pronounce as "vin" as French for wine)
7. Faux pass - Foe-paw (not fashion name, but wanted to include haha!)

Here's a good article by Become a 21st-Century Gentleman

The highlights:
1. Embrace the pocket square.
2. Learn to form a tie dimple.
3. Find a signature scent.
4. Get on top - with the right coat.
5. Keep 'em polished - lace-up, loafers and boots.
6. Hit the links - wear the correct cuffs n' links to the event.
7. Upgrade your denim - get the right fit, worn and wash doesn't apply.
8. Lose the novelty drawers - wear an underwear without illustrations.
9. Stay trimmed - cut your hair. Don't wait for people's comment.
10. Stay timeless - wear vintage-inspired timepiece.
11. Use your head - which hat should you wear?

To those who didn't notice, I added a few websites on the right;

I will end this with a video on making your jeans fit for guys. Enjoy!

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