Sunday, January 4, 2009


Yesterday night went to Jogoya for dinsup (no, not dim sum, but dinner-supper).

No pictures yet, still waiting Sam to send me. It was soooooo crowded yesterday as there's a 50% off from the price. The 7 of us, Shukri, Sam, Sheng, Bun, Syi Nee, In June and me went there and started to queue for about 10 minutes?

The food there were a bit different from non-promotion period, such as there's no take-all-you-like unagi, as we have to place order. There aren't any king crab and big prawn for VIP order anymore, so I have to stick with the cream king prawn + fish thingy.

Ice creams finishes very fast as there's so many people queuing for them. Even the alcoholic drinks finished, leaving only white wine for me when I wanna get another glass of Cuba Libra (Cuban whisky I guess). The girls grabbed food by large portions, until at last we can't finished them. Sam keep on ordering dim sum, while Shukri took all the raw Salmon meat (they're extraordinary sweet and delicious, mind you).

Here's the only picture I've got with Syi Nee, her phone's camera does not perform well under exposure. *Sigh*

Hope that the pictures I taken with Sam's sister's camera work well. Under exposure!
*fingers crossed*

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