Saturday, March 21, 2009

Italian x Japanese

I started to crave into Italian style since the 4th quarter of '08. Looking for Italian shoes, admiring Italian luxuries and such. However, I dressed up in the most casual and common way.

Today, I got mesmerized by Japan street styles. Thanks to Sole What?, now we can get the latest hip in trend in-house. Located on 2nd floor in The Gardens, Mid Valley City Kuala Lumpur, they bring in the latest sneakers, apparels and accessories from all around the world such as Onitsuka Tiger, Sneaker Freaker, KiksTyo, Quolomo, Nike, Staple to name a few. So if you're into these, click in the store!

Shopping in EDC by Esprit is a norm for me as I do not have much street taste, but now I wanted to change. I will start to invest into simplelistic street style from next year since a huge money allocated to be saved beforehand.

Another thing is, I found an online store PrettyDeal which sells 100% authentic designer stuff such as LV, Gucci and Coach. Check it out!

eye' appeal

(I swear I'm not getting paid for advertising Sole What? and all other brands here.)

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