Saturday, March 28, 2009

Support Earth Hour

To fellow supporters, I believe we have all done our part in voting for Earth. Here's a million "Thank You" to the organizers and supporters from all over the world.

I still can't believe that my parents actually supported this event together with me. We switched off everything except the ceiling fan and TV in the living room. And we didn't even light up a candle, or drive out, or use the water heater or air-conditioner. It's the 1st time I felt we're one in this house. Bravo!

KL city; Success? No.

However, there are a few things I would like to comment though. Though some might have switched off their lights during that period, they resort to candles as another source of light. While you might think that a few candles burning in your house/office will not make any harm. Now calculate that amount per head in Malaysia. Let's see. Massive candle burning. Huge CO2 emission. Some went out to celebrate this event by driving their cars. Let's see. Burning of gasoline. Huge CO2 emission. What's the point then, switching off your lights?

Another batch of people think that less them one will not make any significant effect to the Earth. They are wrong. You spread such thinking to your friends, relatives and neighbours. And the possibilities of them following you are higher than 50%. Now is that significant?

Of course, we can't force everyone to do the same. Since source of light might be very important to someone or some company in manufacturing and such. You can't halt the manufacturing either. But I'm glad that many had done their part for Earth. Very glad indeed.

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Ajan said...

same goes uitm johor, kitorang semua support earth hour, n seriously my campus gelap gile...