Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk6

It's raining heavily now, forcing me to cancel my appointment at the college library.

Anyway, here's a simple write up of the upcoming VW Golf GTI Mk6. As all of you know, the Golf GTI Mk5 did a lot of merit-able things which leaves some sort of memories deep in our heart. It's the revolution of hatchbacks, fighting to race with the bigger counterpart. Of course, there's the absurd Golf R32 Mk5 which packs huge engine in a small car (it's not really small either).

Golf GTI Mk1 and Mk6

Compared to the Mk1, the Mk6 still bear some resemblance, although limited to the red lining at the front grille. The Mk6 looks stunning in its GTI guise, well trimmed compared to the dull stock Mk6 form. I actually prefer the Mk5 Golf if you're giving me a choice of stock cars.

I'll cut the grandfather story now, and proceed to the performance. It uses the EA888 2.0L engine, capable of producing 210PS and a massive 280Nm torque. Emission rated Euro 5 compliant, 170g/km as the engine only use only 7.3 liters (7.4L for the DSG) of fuel per 100km, compared to 8.0 liters on the Mk5 GTI.

The Mk5 Golf GTI

0 to 100km/h takes just 6.9 seconds. A 240 km/h top speed with the manual transmission is achieved at top gear at 5,900rpm. With the 6-speed twin clutch DSG, the top speed is 238km/h at top gear with the rev needle pointing to 5,920rpm.

The interior

Dunno what are those? Nevermind. You won't be able to buy it anyway partly because it hasn't arrive to our shore and partly because you wouldn't use north of RM200K for a hatchback since you'll buy those long and wide reconditioned sedans from Bundesrepublik Deutschland.

Side view

Rear view

Awaiting for this baby and the Scirocco to hit our market.

Thanks to Paultan.org for providing the info and pictures all these while. I'm not advertising okay!

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Row said...

This is a great ride I must say, I have only owned mine for 3 months and am extremely happy on the fuel consumption, its a car you can have a bit of fun with and not expect to loose all your petrol. I also had laser jammers fitted to the vehicle for protection from speed cameras as its too fast!