Tuesday, April 7, 2009

BoA 1

I found her voice to be matured and very suitable for on stage live concert. Do not hesitate to go for her concert then. Besides, she really knows how to dance very well. In fact, I like her performances as well as her singing. After I got poisoned by her Girls On Top song of which my friend sent me years ago, I started to concentrate on her. Her greatest hit, Eat You Up already had 2 versions of which you might know; the original one directed by Cha Eun Taek, and the latest one.

Her performance in YouTube LIVE Tokyo feat. iQ posed a great impact on me. Her dances and singing were so well that at that particular moment I don't think there'll be any other singer up to her standard. Well, that's a bit exaggerated isn't it? Anyway, get yourself there and watch in HQ to enjoy fully, in case you haven't watch last year. See her being hippy, chic, warm and funny in the concert!

Girls Generation / SNSD

Not a bad music group. All having nice legs and some have pretty face. Try their song Gee, kinda good! That's all LOL

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