Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Krispy Kreme at hand

Finally went to Krispy Kreme Doughnuts outlet at BTS during lunch time. First impression; I thought I entered a bank. The queue's tolerable, with a sight of the doughnut making machine on the right side which is tempting for a picture.

The size of doughnut is smaller than J.Co's, while the shape and toppings are irregular. As the name suggest, the toppings are crispy, with sweet cream as fillings and all melt in the mouth while the textures are soft and tender as well.

While queueing, a pretty girl came out from the doughnut production "factory" and gave us freshly baked Original Glazed, for free. It's very very sweet, in fact too sweet to the point of sickening that I will forever blacklist it. On the other hand, Shukri says it's tolerable if the Original Glazed is served with a coffee. No fruit variants, means Sam gonna hate Krispy Kreme.

My verdict: I still prefer J.Co Donuts for their tolerable amount of sweetness and generous centre fillings. Well, unless you like the springy feeling of a doughnut, then try out Krispy Kreme's as the texture of the doughnuts is very soft.

The anxious people in a U-shaped queue

The dough are baked at 350 degree celcius

The making of Original Glazed

The racks (didn't snap when I was in the front)

I'll change my perception of "Nothing better than free"

Bought 2 dozens at RM47.80

Words of advice to the Krispy Kreme management: Make the counter longer to accomodate more customers by taking place of the sitting place below as there's more room above.

Final verdict by 6 tasters: All agreed that Krispy Kreme doughnuts are too sweet to suit them, especially when all 6 of them have different taste in food. Size not too big, some have no centre fillings and topping sizes varies from time to time. All in all, J.Co Donuts still maintain their places in Malaysia.

Though I like the Choc Iced Glazed. And Sam, no Mango Blitz for you.

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