Monday, April 27, 2009

Krispy Kreme Open for Business

As I last stated in my Krispy Kreme in KL entry, the doughnuts cafe is finally opened for business!

Located on the ground floor of Berjaya Times Square (next to Papa Johns), it is definitely the wholesome other choice of doughnuts you can taste besides the usual Big Apple Donuts & Coffee and J.Co Donuts.

The question: Can the long-going heritage of American doughnuts fight the ever standing Asian donuts? The answer will depends on your taste buds. Some claim Krispy Kreme's are tastier and tender, another claim it's the mother-of-all-doughnuts while many hope that the 1 available in Malaysia will be as good as those they tried overseas. Let's hope shall we?

Prices are RM2.50 for original glazed and RM2.80 for assorted doughnuts. A dozen original glazed doughnuts are RM19.90 and if you get 2 dozen, it is RM33.90. A dozen of the pre-assorted varieties are RM23.90 with an offer where you can get a dozen of pre-assorted varieties with a dozen of original glazed for RM37.90.

Me? I'm not those "kepoh" people who will use up my precious sleeping time to queue up at Berjaya Times Square outlet just to try those petty doughnuts (although I play CounterStrike with some unknown fellas till 4.30am). I don't even fancy J.Co donuts, let alone Big Apple of which I never want to try at all. To me, they are simply donuts with special fillings and toppings (I hold no responsibility on my words).

Well, unless you want to treat me - now that's different story.

News coverage: Business Times and R-AGE

On the other hand, I would really like to taste the Barbarian Ribs available at Ribs by Vintry located at Jalan Kasah, Damansara Heights.

Barbarian Ribs

This wine outlet was introduced by her in: Ribs by Vintry, Damansara Heights.

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