Monday, April 20, 2009

Seoul Motor Show 2009

No cars, no in depth coverage, just brief chatter.

When you're in a Motor Show, you expect to see lots of new cars, prototypes, and girls. You tend to snap pictures of the cars, admire them, maybe sit inside, look at the leaflet and such.

But when you're in Seoul Motor Show, that's a whole lot different story. HOT MODELS. Yes, that's what Koreans are about. The media are more interested into snapping and recording those famous models more than the cars. That's the ideal of Korean show. And not coincidentally, my favourite model, Kim Ha Yul was there as a model for the Volkswagen company. Cool.

My favourite

Bling tie

Elegant dress

Of course, there were many other models of which I did not enclose such as Hwang Mi Hee and Gu Ji Sung. Click here for more photos of the models.

The hype of this show was the performance of SNSD/Girls Generation for unveiling of production Chevrolet Beat or GM Daewoo Matix as they call it in South Korea.

I like the long hair girl in the middle


For real and in depth news about SMS 2009, please visit Korea IT Times.

Finally, condolence to Hoy Yan for the lost of her 4-year old best bunny "Lui Lui". I know how harsh it is to face such event as I've lost 3 of my dogs over the years. Take care, kay? Her blog here.

PS: My exam paper today was fabulously easy. Now need to get ready for some tough stuff coming this Friday onwards.

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