Tuesday, May 5, 2009

소녀시대 Madness

I'm crazy 'bout 소녀시대 till I got all their released singles and album in a day (Through the *ehem* way la). Now I'm interested into watching Korean drama, and it will be my 1st one haha; Cinderella Man acted by YoonA and Kwon Sang Woo. YoonA's the main reason that made me interested, since she won the KBS Best Newcomer and Netizen Favourite award for another drama. Geng le.....

Besides, she's really mad. Going straight into Gee mini album promotion after concluding her daily drama You Are My Destiny and after the promotion, off she go into filming for Cinderella Man. She also became a part of the Samsung Anycall Haptic CF which she acted together with Jessica, Tiffany and TVSQ (or DBSK). Mental...

Since Cinderella Man haven't finished airing, I'll go for You Are My Destiny 1st then. Holiday = Drama + Music -tard.

I started to have this holiday mood ever since I was in the exam period. Played CS until 4-5am, watch My Sassy Girl until 5.30am and etc. That's how I failed for my exam. HAHA!!!!!!!!!!!
(the hell)

Before I go, read this please: Flu virus cases may rise in southern hemisphere where there's a part inside warning us peopleliving in tropic country to beware of air-conditioning as it transfer the virus from outside into your room.

Happy holiday :)

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