Thursday, May 7, 2009

안 녕 My Reader

Finally installed additional languages in my Vista. Because it's a norm for me to type in Japanese using my desktop, and also the fact that I need the XP OS installation CD to install additional language, I went to take and open up my Vista OS CD pack; thinking my laptop might need it like XP does. After a few clicking, it doesn't. Oh, so I opened that Vista CD for nothing la? Damn!

Nevermind, at least I get to type in 日本語 and 한글 now. Typing Japanese is very easy as the alphabets arrangement follows the English alphabets on your keyboard. Korean however, doesn't. This means I need to buy those Korean alphabet stickers to stick on my keyboard in order to know which alphabet is on which alphabet, unless I'm a full time Korean typist, which in this case I'm not.

See, the "M" is located at "A" button, "H" at "G" button and so on. Always need to find the correct alphabet blindly.

Watched the 2008 SME Global Audition host by SNSD this morning. Tiffany and Jessica speaks in English, Soo Young speaks in Japanese and Seo Hyun speaks in Mandarin. Watch it here! I hope my You Are My Destiny drama download finished before my 2nd term starts.

And here's the words from DBSK in case there's any girl who hates SNSD.
- '08 SME Global Audition
- '09 SME Global Audition

Bonus video (I think my fanboyism is overloaded)

또봐요, ジャア また~

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