Wednesday, June 24, 2009

SNSD 9 x Random 18

Yuri's the only black hair; Seobaby dyed her hair for the 1st time

SNSD album release delayed to 29th for a CD cover art change due to complains from netizens. The song Etude will be released on 25th and MBC and Inkigayo comeback from 26th. 소녀시대 아자 아자 화이팅!!!

Yuri and Soo Young are towering above; Who's the shortest?

"With you gone it plays on it's so hard to move on

I want to but I wanted you
Now you stay in my head
I'm not over you yet
I try to but I wanted you"

- Act emo *LOL*

Watched Transformer 2 on yesterday 11.30pm at Pavilion with grunz, bun, boss, june, wai and his catwoman, mc and his berry. Awesome movie, epic moments, funny catches, erotic parts and some jingling doodles and bubu.

Pres watched on 22nd Premiere at Cineleisure, opened for VIP
*smacks head*

Let's see, movie of the year? Not yet. Wait for G.I.Joe and Star Trek before making any verdict.

Blog to watch: The Journal of a Girl who Loves To Cook who runs Delectable
(The Gardens)

PS: Am thinking of facelifting the banner.

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