Sunday, July 12, 2009

Random 19

Successed in poisoning yet another 2 groupmates with 소녀시대.

Not enough sleep. Studied wrong stuff for maths. Brain clogged when read the word "arbitrary". Ended up failing another mid-term paper I guess.

This morning was actually kinda hassling, but I was laid back due to my awesome nature of laziness. Took a taxi to college 'cos dad suddenly wanna use the car. Reached there exactly in time for the paper and I flunked it. Great.

Went to Mid Valley later with Shuk, walking around stores like Padini Authentics, SEED, Topman, ZARA and Esprit with a lunch from oh-so-boring Kiku Zakura. At least it's better than Nippontei. You think I'm only interested into Koreans do you?


Gyuniku Shobayaki

Found a few things I wanted, or rather feel wanna buy during the window shopping (Shuk's the one slashing his card); ZARA's Red Madras Checks canvas sneakers (I call it tartan hemp-sole), TopMan's Tartan Canvas plimsolls, ZARA's straight-cut casual pants and SEED's straight-cut pants too, both in white. Now let's see, which 1 to grab? Shuk's eyeing on the new straight-cut tight bottom pants from Esprit by the way.



My friend Kiwi (a kinda fashionista) gave me an input that I'm NOT suitable to wear those checkers sneakers as I'm not in that style. And that hemp-sole is not suitable in our country, they'll get worned out easily. But I don't wanna buy another Converse, yet. The Topman's Grey Suede plimsolls? Look at it. It wouldn't survive everyday wear. But it suits me... *sigh*

Susahnya nak decide. Nevermind, I'll grab a pants 1st. And dump both the checkers shoes.

You feel wanna wallop me for my indecisiveness now right? That's what I am.

She looks good in this hairstyle.

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