Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fashion 6 x Random 25

Really dunno what to post but to plagiarize, again.

Remember in the post Fashion 1 x Random 22 where I mentioned of knitted ties and cotton ties?

Knitted tie, patterned jacket, checks trousers and croc pouchette.

(left) It's summer, but look at how he changes the surrounding, (right) Colors and carefree.

I went to Ikea with Shuk and browse like an uncle *haha!*


Bunch of Secret Recipe cakes

Of chocolate indulgence; the classic way to get sick of choc cake.

Notes: Sorry to Mr. Schuman for taking all your photographs and posted here without your concern. If, in any case you wanted them to be removed, please remind me. I'll do it ASAP.

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