Saturday, November 28, 2009


After a tiring day out in Sunway Pyramid, Mak, Wenni, Shuk and I decide that we cook dinner ourselves; spaghetti. Tried shopping for ingredients at Jusco supermart in Pyramid but failed. Then we rushed to Tesco Midah and got everything except fresh parsley which we had to replace it with dried Oregano herbs.

Then it's all pictures!

(left) Self-prepared Carbonara sauce with Thyme and Oregano herbs, (right) Tasting of his own sauce.

Golden Grunty damage evasion technique; cooking hams and sausages.

Stirring Alfredo sauce.

Boiling spagetthi with olive oil and water (duh!).

Put the steaming hot spaghetti into the raw Carbonara sauce.


Carbonara spaghetti by Mak.

Up close.

Alfredo spaghetti by Shuk.

Up close.

Basically I just help in disturbing Shuk's brother, chopping and beating and stirring the ingredients prepared by Mak and snap pictures. While everything else were done by them LOL.

So here's the list;

- 4 eggs
- 4 teaspoons of salt (depends on your taste)
- a box of whipping cream
- Parmesan cheese
- Oregano and Thyme herbs
- cuts of bacon or chicken hams
- do not cook, just put the hot spaghetti on it.

- use those that comes in a tin
- add in cuts of hams and sausages
- Parmesan cheese
- some full-cream milk
- maybe mushrooms
- cook and stir repeatedly

Now what to cook next huh?

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