Sunday, December 27, 2009

Random 32

Jolly little Christmas had passed and time to get serious on my studies (which is just an excuse, really).

Christmas is such a fine celebration, or should I say the days of people celebrating Christmas has somewhat made an impact upon the ways of how I passed my err... days. I found that I was rather busy to the fact I stopped blogging, not even a flicker of shutter button being pressed on anything.

This explain up that I have no pictures to show what I have done these past few days. I went out for Badminton on the eve, supper at Connaught with ever increasing people. Late lunch at Teh's, joined by VIBP Andy and Liang and George, of which we all then went to SS15 for supper and late night COD4 till early morning. The next day is rather plain, wait until 11pm then went to Pavilion with Sheng, Adrian, Yap, Stephanie and Shukri for a movie at 12.55am; Sherlock Holmes. I forgot to ask Kay Yan out for this movie since Steph's joining.

Teaser of shops

Well, these pretty sums up my boring Christmas. To my readers, happy belated Christmas. Drive safe and remember you still need to work and study in the next few hours.

황미희: Happy Christmas

Listening: 거짓말 (Dance Ver.) by 티아라 (T-ara)

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