Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fashion 18

Of footwears.

Sneakers Givenchy 2010

Remember in my entry Fashion 4 where I posted about the Givenchy Gladiator sandals? Well they're back in the form of shoes/boots now. The reflective colour also inspired other brands like Zara in making "shiny" shoes.

FCUK Spring/Summer 2010 and Zara

(left) FCUK plimsolls, (right) Zara denim trainers.

 (left) FCUK boat shoes, (right) Zara driving shoes.

 FCUK leather deck shoes. Saw an almost identical 1 from Zara in bright orange, too bad don't have the picture.

Church's footwear

My favourite so far, the Goodyear Flex Sheldon in Tabacco Polo colour.

Dunno what's Church? As quote from the website, they are famous for making leather footwears of the highest quality. Established since 1873, they already had the family experience in the production of handmade men's shoes dating back to 1675. They are the 1st to introduce the "Adaptable", which means the individualization of left leg and right leg specified shoes. They also make shoes using the "Good Year Welted" construction, being the leader in the industry right now. Thanks to them, people are able to wear quality assured Goodyear welted leather shoes, being able to last a lifetime if properly cared. For more information regarding Church's and shoes they have, please visit their website at Church Footwear.

Studio D'Artisan 30th Anniversary Denim

 Look at the tasty selvedge with red and blue strips.

 The effect of Kase Zome dying technique; 30 times the dye. Only 200 units are produced.


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