Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010

Happy New Year 2010!!!

New year eve was a totally random day of which it fits the Physics theory of randomness. I finished my day at school, took the wrong bus and got down at Leisure Mall when my cousin MC called for a late lunch reunion at Teh's. After reunited with some others for several hours, we talk about what to do at night. We cancelled the plan to The Library at e@Curve for a economical meet up at Andy's. Then out of the blue I thought of barbecue and this plan got agreement from several parties and so it went on. And what a last minute plan it was for all our friends came to this party; even those whom we seen only once a year. Spectacular it is. We end the party with a photo shoot-out of cars arranged in a manner of which will amazed you. Further pictures of the event will be posted next time. Back home at 7.25am, I took a shower and slept till 4.40pm then get ready for another party held by my dad at his friend's. Drank 6 glasses of wine and here I am, going out for another meet up.

So, have a happy day and make sure you don't cause trouble for others in case you are drinking. Good night.

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