Thursday, January 28, 2010

SNSD Oh! MV Huge Popularity

100,000 views in 2 hours!

[MyDaily Reporter Kim Kyungmin] 

In the afternoon of the 27th (KST), the music video for idol group SNSD's second album title song had 100 000 views when it was released, and it went up to the number 1 spot on GomTV music video charts.

The song "Oh!" has already been released on the 25th, and rose to number 1 on major music sites and it is speculated that the album will also rise to the number 1 spot as well. However, it wasn't just the song, but the performance and visuals with the song and SNSD's known previous various fashion looks that fans were so much more expectant of this music video.

As to prove this expectancy, SNSD's "Oh!" music video, which was first released at noon on the 27th through their official website and GomTV, rose to the number 1 on the real-time GomTV music video popularity rankings as soon as it was released. It was recorded to have gained 100 000 hits in just 2 hours. This record was achieved more than twice as fast as the greatest hit of 2009, "Gee."

The head of the Contents Strategy team of GomTV said, "SNSD's "Oh!" teaser video released on the 25th rose to the number 1 spot in the popularity rankings, and for at least two days, there have been 220 000 hits." He also added, "The music video for the song "Gee" by SNSD, when it was released last year through GomTV, it accumulated ten million views and set a record. Observing the trends, "Oh!" looks like it will pass the "Gee" records easily."

SNSD's "Oh!" music video has gained a lot of popularity, and so has their most recent music video before this, "Chocoloate Love" which is top 20 in the GomTV rankings. The number of viewer hits for SNSD's major music video is quickly rising. 

[SNSD's "Oh!" music video]


Source: MyDaily News

I'm not a lazy blogger anymore still a lazy blogger, copy and pasting stuff without editing. So which 1 do you prefer? "Gee" or "Oh!"?

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