Sunday, February 28, 2010

CNY Special - Gathering at Andy's

I went to Andy's house together with whole group of friends for a new year visit just after a day I reached home from the Thailand trip. This entry will be short as I already posted a long entry in Club Wooters blog.


(left) Shuk with Chubby, (right) MC with his girlfriend, Stephanie Choo.

(left) SJ trying out, (right) Chubby.


Posers; SJ and me.

(left) From the left - Me, Andy and SJ, (right) SJ's girlfriend, Rachel and me.

Below three from the left - Shuk, Sacho and SJ.
(left) Need me to introduce?, (right) Guy in white; George.

(left) Guy at the left; Chin, (right) Snapped again.

Shuk with Stephanie Chan.

On the floor from left - Me, Teh, Shuk, George, Adrian and Steph.
Middle row from left - MC & Stephanie, Wenni & Mak, Andy & Aya.
Back row from left - Vincent, Tan, Yee Szeng, In June, SJ & Rachel, Andy's cousin sis, Tze Ling & Liang, Kok Leong, Hoy Yan & Chin, and lastly Sacho.

(left) Chubby naughty Hoy Yan, (right) Satisfied.

(left) Camera of the day; SJ's Nikon D80, (right) Shin: There goes the sun. SJ:  No more perfect exposure photography.

Fully covered by Club Wooters@CNY Gathering at Andy's. Credits to SJ and Teh for the photos.

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