Sunday, June 6, 2010

Random 36

I've been working in an outsource service provider company for almost a month now if you want to know. The job is not very demanding in a sense of physical work, but rather challenging in mentality. 

Made friends with a bunch of colleagues in the 1st week, namely Mok, How, Kam, Hui Chin, Ann Lee, Tan, E Sin and especially Sue Wei. Not to forget also Lin, Fieza, Tracy and the others.
Well, the fun stops after a week or 2 due to the leavings of many of them because of studies and being sent to other branch. Now, I'm stuck bored in the office with Tan and How. However, work is work. Fun comes later.

We still managed to go out in the weekends despite the hectic work in the weekdays. And certain thing arise making yesterday outing consist of a rather tiny group; Sue Wei, ESin and me. I do have to ask, why every time we go out must be so early?

After a movie and quick lunch with the 2 girls, they head back while I hunt for my leather shoes (didn't want to search together mainly because I afraid they'll be bored). And I got 1 from Bonia! Although it's not the one I have in mind, but it will do for a Mon-Fri walking. The price is lower than my budget by a large margin too. I saved some money there. 

Adrian and Shuk came to find me late in the evening just to irritate me with the collection of Percy Jackson novels of which Adrian just bought. He lent the 1st book to me, thanks! Then we went out for dinner, joined by Stephanie, Vincent, Kok Leong and Lim. Head back to Adrian & Steph's home for a "while", then head out for supper. Hectic? Sleepy actually.

It's been long since I last blog "properly" about my own. No pictures sorry, the shutter button of my phone spoiled months ago.

Still thinking of a bass guitar. Oh Squire Standard and Ibanez GSR.


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