Saturday, July 24, 2010

Fashion 29

I remember the time before I started to work. My brain was engulfed with Canon 550D and a Squire bass guitar. Then when I started to work, these dreams were crushed. Having salary doesn't mean you can spend easily; Daily commutes, food and drinks, and some to parents. Now, I'm broke even before the end of the month. I need more money to buy a guitar (I scraped the camera plan), a shoes, a jacket and some shirts. Maybe I just stick with a shoes OR a jacket.

You might think, "Jacket? Are you nuts?! It's bloody summer!". Nope, it ain't summer to me when I'm only exposed to the scorching sun less than 1 hour in the weekdays. And it's like fall or winter in the office, seriously need a jacket then. So I searched online for a jacket, for at first I wanted a cardigan but to no avail, and I found this and the shoes I want.

(left) Zara cotton short jacket (6719-462) - RM279, (right) Timberland Classic 2-Eye boat shoes (#71513) - $59.99

Now all I have to do is to cross my fingers and hope either 1 of these are available. Well, if they're not, I can still buy other things, like the shirt and cargo shorts from Topman;

(left) White Utility Styled Shirt - £24.00, (right) Grey Dot Camo Cargo Shorts - £28.00

Talking bout Topman, I bought a Stone Satchel Rucksack there bout weeks ago. What an impulse buy!

The built quality is of usual Topman; cheap and not very good.

And we're back with the usual fashion sightings from several sources.

(left) Revolutionize seersuckers suit, (right) Simple but refine.

(left) Military jacket over floral dress, (middle) I worn the same washed jeans like that until I got bad comments from Nef... (right) Mm... summer.

Another 1 of my favourite, one piece dress with fine leather belt. Seems like a trend these days.

This man is a man of refinement. You can see him at all major fashion sites. And are those shoes Prada's?
Face Hunter

I love how she incorporates the socks (is it socks?) around the ankle to make the wedges match her bag. 

Prada Fall/Winter 2010 Men's Collection

(left) Messenger (VA0887_ZSR_F0170) - £560, (right) Tote (VA0883_ZSR_F0170) -  £485
I like these printed camouflaged nylon with Saffiano calf leather series.

In the midst of denim and camouflage patterns, Leopard prints are also in the limelight.

Chukka or slip-ons?

C'est tous les gens, au revoir!


Anonymous said...

Nice taste. :D

Derrick Shin said...

Thanks! Nice Soshi collection by the way, I'm Tiffany's avid fan =)