Saturday, October 30, 2010

Broga Hill

On the 11th of September 2010, I planned a 'trip' with fellow friends for sunrise watching at Broga Hill, Semenyih. You can get the directions by:-

i) Google Earth
ii) Google Maps
iii) GPS
iv) Follow road signs to Semenyih, University of Nottingham and lookout for "Simpang ke Broga" signboard

The entrance is just opposite the Rabbit farm on the right. And yes, I'm not particularly helpful in given directions =)

More information regarding Broga Hill can be found here: Nature Malaysia | ManMeng's Lifepad

We had a rendezvous at McD Taman Connaught and headed out at 4am. Holding a piece of paper with gibberish writings by MC, we head into the unknown using the Silk highway. Well, not really that bad, I actually studied the road before heading out. By the time we reached somewhere near University of Nottingham, we stopped by, grabbed the GPS from Shuk and headed to Kampung Broga instead (LOL). Asked some locals, took a U-turn back to the rabbit farm and parked our cars. There we took our flashlights and started to walk up at time of approx. 5am. The climb is not tiring if you normally do some sports at least once in 2 weeks. Now if you had pressed the links given above, you would have known that there are 4 peaks up at Broga Hill of which the 4th peak is a nonsense if you wanna see the sunrise. I suggest you stay at peak 3 or peak 2. Here's the picture taken by fellow SJ and myself.

Daybreak's bell

Sunrise sequence:

The posers

Ultimately shortened to save your bandwidth. Thanks to all the people who made this a success. =)

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