Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Random 37

Went out for a bit just now with Adrian, Steph, Sheng and auntie. Adrian was demanding a little story from me in my blog to spice up his story-writing senses. So, here goes.

It was a wide open green plain surrounded by leveled trees, forming a circle around the plain. There was a clear blue sky overlooking the plain, or the other way round. You can listen to the birds chirping from the trees nearby, squirrels happily running up and down the trees under the shade, smuggling their beloved nuts. You should expect this coming; a stained glass cup just pop out from the sky and dropped on the plain. After a period of time, short or long you decide but it is still the same clear blue sky, a rabbit pop out and dropped on the plain too. It squeaked (I'm not sure whether rabbit squeaks but am pretty sure they don't meow. In one case, I experienced rabbit barks.) and hopped away towards the shade of the trees, running away from whatever that might caused it to experience such shock. You might want to remember this event as it is quite important to what is coming. 

Well, a distance far away but still in the same country or state, there was a cottage made of faded grey bricks where two men were sat at a round table in it. The cottage has a door and a small rectangular two-box window. We take into consideration that both of them sat with their front facing each other across the table, with the door located on the right side of the guy who sat on the left, or however you imagine it. Scrolls of parchments, papers and books were scattered on the table and the floor, of which they are by no means not immaculate. I would also like to add that there were two large bookshelves at the rear of each of where both of the men were sat. Dusty books and parchments were housed in them. The weather as I mentioned before was clear and bright blue, but with a little wind blowing once a while. A thick white halfway-burnt candle were found in the middle of the table, burning away the available wax. The two men, Charles on the left and Tom on the right seemed to be discussing something of a high urgency, while referring to the notes they scribbled on papers and parchments they read. Charles had brown hair, brown eyes and fair skin clad in grey long-sleeved turtleneck, khakis and tanned leather shoes with a beige trench coat draped over his chair. Tom on the other hand, had black hair, lightly tanned skin, wore a black correctional prescription glasses and brown eyes clad in a black round-neck tee, seasoned blue jeans and black suede shoes with a black raincoat also draped over his chair. Both of them a fairly well built.

I am not gonna continue this now. Maybe some time later, or maybe not at all. Hope your imagination will take you further on. Ciao~

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