Monday, June 27, 2011

StandChart Marathon 2011: My first entry

Yesterday, I went for the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2011 for the 10km entry. It was my first, and hopefully it's not the last. I registered for it way back in the month of Feb and I haven't even got my running shoes then! 4 months of training later, I find myself running in a good condition all the way to 10.6km mark. It was a great decision to enter this remarkable event, where you find yourself running alongside people of all ages and citizenship. People came all the way from Europe, America, Africa and far Asia. It's fun!

My race pack.

And guess how many people joined this year? Nearly 22,000!!! And I'm running with approximately 12,000 people in my category, in a sea of green. I did not bring a camera and none of my friends joined so there is no picture to show you. After the race, I promised myself that I will join this event again, maybe in the half-marathon category (21km).

Oh, I forgot. The marathon starts at earliest 5am for full marathon (42km), where for my category it starts at 7am. I ran at a pace 5 (my normal pace is 6.5-7) in drizzle for the first 3km and slow down to 6-7 consistently until the end. Got a time of 1hr 06min (my own stopwatch). 

(left) My Saucony shoes with the bib-tag, (right) My ugly face on a can of 100Plus.

The finisher medal.

Now, there's another few famous marathon coming up of which I will consider joining - Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore, Adidas King of the Road, and Penang Bridge International Marathon. Give it a go people!

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