Saturday, July 2, 2011

Fashion 50

Dos and Don'ts

All these while I have been putting on pictures from great influential sites/blogs to show you what great people wear on the streets. Now, I have a certain gush to post up on some fashion Dos and Don'ts. Since opinions varied among people, bear with it. The list are meant for both men and women, unless stated.

1. Give your wardrobe a pop of colour - You may wear full grey or navy but please add a dash of colour through accessories (belt, earrings, bracelet, scarf) or bags and shoes.
2. Wear textured/plain thighs - Women, they made you looked sexier when pair with appropriate clothing and shoes.
3. Wear plain/earth coloured trousers - Khakis, white jeans and so on will give you a refreshing look depending on how you match with your top.
4. Guys, shave your facial hair - Or you will looked untidy or worse, like a pervert.
5. Put layers if applicable - Sometimes over-dressed is better than under-dressed.
6. Make-up natural to your face tone - They looked great without over-doing it.
7. Wear white - Ladies, you can wear white, especially if the material is good!
8. Play around with colours - Don't be afraid to mix colours together!
Pop of colour
 Mix colours

White jeans

1. Wear a ripped jeans and top - It made you looked cheap, rugged and pitiful.
2. Wear uggs/wellington boots/waterproof plastic shoes - Uggs are meant for snow, and wellington boots for fishmonger (or whatever related job).
3. Wear any tops that reveal your bra - Nobody wanna see your bra straps or worse, your whole bra.
4. Wear tops that reveal your tummy - That is just plain ugly.
5. Wear baseball cap, track suit and sandals to work - You looked like a slob (and whatever equivalent for men) and sandals are for beach (in some occasion, pair with shorts to local mart).
6. Over-pluck your eyebrows - You will look hideous by redrawing them, better don't pluck at all.
7. Wear micro minis - Listen here lady, you think you looked sexy, but we don't wanna see you bending/sitting down and revealing everything down there. Skirts length of 1-inch above your knee would be good.
8. Wear short shorts - Well, you can. But if you don't realise that your thighs are fat, better look into the mirror.
9. Wear pantyhose - You will looked like a grandma, especially with open-toe shoes.
10. Rolled up your pants - Guys, don't do this if you have short legs.
11. Tuck in your tee to show your belt - Once again, guys if you're short, don't do this even if you wanna show your high-end belt. You'll looked ridiculously cheap.
12. Capri pants for guys - Who the hell invented this?!
13. Pop up the collar on your polo tee - Didn't anyone tell you it's a fashion disaster?
14. Wear jerseys - Please, only wear them when you're doing sports or at a match.
15. High rise gladiator sandals - This is so out. Dump them!
16. Matching the colour of bag with shoes - This is so old, don't do it now!


White outfit with a pop of colour.

I can go on and on with the list. One word, wear what is suitable to your body and comfortable. But by comfortable, that does not mean you can start wearing pajamas or sandals-with-suit. Check out my previous fashion entries here. Give me a comment on these. Au revoir!

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