Monday, December 26, 2011

Quick Shop

Back on Christmas eve, my friends and I were a bit confused on whether our trip was on or not. Despite that, I went out with 2 buddies for lunch at Inhouse then head straight to Pavilion. On the way to Pavilion, we received phone calls saying that the trip was still on and that we need to go out in 2 hours. Thus, there is no time to waste. My friend settled with his Fossil watch strap replacement enquiry and I had my goals in mind.

Went in Topman for a quick browse for their shirts and nothing caught my eyes. Then it's Seed in Padini concept store to find similar design of shirts I like from Zara.

Zara. Left: Contrasting Pinpoint shirt RM199.90, right: Fil-A-Fil T-shirt RM179.90. 

A friend of mine got one of similar design with the exclusion of the breast pocket from Seed few months ago. That was what made me enter the store (as I don't really fancy products from Padini Corp since they overcharged for underpar fabrics). I didn't see any that matches such design, but a shirt did caught my eyes though, and I put that on my backup list before heading over to Pull & Bear. I did some online browsing beforehand and decided to buy from Pull & Bear if I can't find the required shirt.

Pull & Bear Long Sleeve Checked Shirt. Left: Ref 5470523 RM139.90, right: Ref 9470515 RM159.90.

Pull & Bear Striped T-shirt Ref 9248586 RM69.90.

Went to the store just to know that all were not available except the first shirt on the top left. But I dislike the flimsy material, so didn't get it. Please do note that the prices in-store are lower than online prices due to promotion. Rushed back to Padini concept store and took the shirt I laid my eyes on, then the salesperson said there is an ongoing promotion of 10% discount and free watch for every receipt above RM180. Thus, I got another white polo and gave the watch to my friend. 

Trying out the shirt and polo tee; I actually liked the cutting of the polo tee (right) although the fabric used is off inferior quality.

Highlights: The denim collar of the otherwise plain shirt.

The denim collar of the shirt can be swapped with a plain white collar (provided) via buttons. The construction is a bit flimsy with threads coming out from here and there. Total expenditure - not even RM190. Bargain? This is the first time I bought something with instant improvisation to my budget in a very short time. What a trill haha!

The free 'premium' watch. It looked very small when put on my thick wrist.

My next shop would be, or maybe another polo from Zara and a red long sleeve roundneck tee from Uniqlo (since they're having promotion for it until 31st of Dec). 

Hopefully they're both available and that I can garner enough budget to purchase them. Otherwise, it's another spontaneous improvisation! Ciao!

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