Thursday, December 22, 2011


Some wear the same pair of shoes, some alternate depending on occasion and some just have too many pairs to choose. I was wedged between the first 2, and that explains the reason why I am in a dilemma right now.

It came to me that I needed a new shirt for that special occasion (such as dad's coming birthday celebration which requires us to go all the way up to Penang... ), as backup to my worn old shirts. And to pair with it, I have my vintage coloured chino. Then, the shoes. Right. No, the Nike sneakers won't match it. I left my Converse plimsolls back in hostel and it was worn anyway. So do I need to buy a new pair of shoes for this, or do I just sucked up with my kinda worn Pedro sneakers? 

Pictures taken ages ago, (left to right) My Pedro shoes (forgotten the name) and Nike Navaro Low.

I actually kinda made up my mind to decide about the shoes after the Chinese New Year (money yay!) and to buy it before Hong Kong, or in Hong Kong. So I went for window-shopping, online, to get the idea of shoes I would buy. Some Fred Perry did match, but they're kinda overpriced here. I know moccasins, desert shoes, boat shoes, lace-ups and even oxfords would fit the look, but they were all out of my puny budget. Talking about them, nothing beats an oxfords with nice cream suede or canvas top and wooden sole, or lace-up with tanned leather. Okay, unless it's a tanned leather brogues. 

I looked into Zara, Park & Bond, Topman, HAVEN and even LowYat sales thread for inspiration. Less talk, time for pictures.

Converse First String Straight Shooter Spec Ox Natural US$96. I love suede and cream and this is not the first suede from Cons.

Zara, (left to right) Herringbone Fabric Oxford Shoe RM199.90, Tweed Blucher RM199.90, and Herringbone Plimsoll RM179.90. Plausible, but not anytime soon because of their questionable build quality.

Found from LYN, DC Men's Tonic S Skateshoe in Royal Blue RM100. Cheap, but the colour means risky business.

Mark McNairy, (left to right) Plain Derby Oxfords US$315, and Anthracite Suede Long Wing Brogues US$395. I love the quirky combination of these, especially the lightning blue sole. They remind me of Prada.

Prada, (left to right) Brogues with creeper sole from Spring Summer 2011 collection and Fall Winter 2011 collection. Price? North of RM2500.

After all these, I have to say, maybe I'll just go for another pair of plain Chuck Taylor cons or find a nice pair of Fred Perry. I am not a fashionista but I can be very particular when it comes matching the clothes. I am somewhat conscious of the clothes I wear, so that I don't create an eyesore to myself. I constantly observe and try on different pants and shoes and top of different cuttings to know what they create. I do made a lot of mistakes in the past, noticed them when I looked at my reflection from the mirror in any boutique. 

On another note, happy Solstice day! Au revoir~

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