Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Not So Quick Shop

Happy new year peeps! My new year was kinda tiring due to hours of strolling in the malls. 1st of Jan was spent strolling in Pavilion with Adrian and Shuk. Adrian wanted a trouser and few cufflink wrist shirts as he received cufflinks as present. We accompanied him to Zara, Topman, and lastly G2000. Zara prices were steep, giving the immaculate cuttings and materials quality. Topman had that nice in-trend cutting tweed trouser that I eyed for a long time, but the material is a bit inferior. So we ended in G2000. 

Those white premium line shirts were great, but he had one. So we had to debate on those lines and checkers and colours even waited for replies from Stephanie (thanks to the lacked of coverage). After many pretty girls later in what seemed like an hour, we finally came into conclusion and paid for the stuff. Then off we go to Zara Lot 10.

Adrian: "What do you think of these?" Shin: "Like picnic tablecloth."

Both were bought.

Why Zara Lot 10? Do you remember in my past blog entry Quick Shop, I mentioned I wanted that black striped polo from Zara? All that left were light blue pieces, so I tried my luck in Lot 10. Worst, the salesperson said they moved the stocks to KLCC branch. My mind felt devastated; why must every piece of clothes not available? Back in G2000, I had my eye on one particular piece and put that into the "Backup/Improvisation List" in case it is not available again.

The next day after a lunch with the guys, Shuk, Kok Leong and me went to KLCC to strive for it. As expected, it was sold out (except that light blue piece). However I did saw that Contrasting Pinpoint Shirt in white (and other colours). From this experience, I noticed that most stocks were retained in the KLCC branch, while for Topman the prices in Pavilion are somewhat cheaper maybe due to the cheaper store rental fee. I went to G2000 to grab that polo tee I mentioned and next strolled around stores like Banana Republic, Uniqlo (boring), and lastly GAP. Banana Republic had 50% discount of selected items which you're not interested at. The designs are very Americans, materials used are of fine quality. Think of it as upmarket GAP.

I like this Banana Republic branded striped pique polo, RM189.90. 

I spent desperate effort in GAP to buy last piece of somewhat ugly fine striped maroon-black classic polo tee. There were those GAP logo roundneck tees littered around, RM99.90 I guess, but I do not wish to help them advertise. A bit regret buying this polo tee and this feeling was further fortified of which I will describe later.

Left: G2000 slim men twin-tipped textured collar polo tee, right: GAP classic polo tee.

Hauls of the week; still need another polo tee or roundneck tee. 

Left: I like the textured twin-tipped collar and the lines by the buttons, right: Longer tail that comes with Classic cutting.

Balenciaga and LUSTRO opened in KLCC. Niche upmarket brands started moving in, with Versace Jeans opening soon on the same row with Ben's. I wonder when will the likes of Givenchy, Balmain, Christian Louboutin and Lanvin come. Not that I have the credit power to purchase them high fashion stuff. But I do wish the affordable H&M would open a store here, since they expanded a few stores in Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia recently. 

Next we moved to Pavilion again, to exchange that free Seed watch I got from my purchase last time. But since the Padini Concept store did not have ready stock, we exchanged them in Lot 10's branch. That was where I saw a nice thick blue striped polo tee, sigh. Shouldn't have bought the GAP one. Anyway, I bought a pair of Rider flip-flops in Pavilion to replace my worn iPanema pair. It was a bit lethargic to be in the same shopping mall for few days, and imagine the horror that Stephanie asked me for movie tomorrow at the same shopping mall! But they do give me opportunities to snap pictures that I never had did before.

Left: HDR attempt snapped from Sephora, right: Noisy (grainy) and underexposed picture.

Left: Another HDR attempt; bugger traffic light! Right: Those bears again, with Coach as backdrop.

Multiple HDR of the Christmas centerpieces, pretty!

Reminds me of my childhood shopping craziness together with mom.

By now you would've noticed that my purchases were of collar shirt/tee. Last year, I followed the trend of denim, chambray and military green. But for this year, I aimed at looking somewhat formal but still maintaining that sense of casual. I do not want to look childish with graphics roundneck tee. Short sleeve shirt would be ideal, but finding the right ones in Kuala Lumpur is a pain in the ass as I did it before. Long sleeve shirt isn't ideal due to the temperature we had the whole year. I did not plan to buy any pants this year because of lack of budget, or maybe I do not have that "feel" yet. No pants catches up my  eyes yet anyway. Shoes? Maybe I will buy it somewhere after the Chinese New Year.

We bought J.Co donuts and Papa Beards for snacks. Brought the donuts up to Adrian and Steph's house as appetiser for dinner too! Stephanie changed her phone protective case, after asking me last time which is cuter, LOL.

Two dozens of sweet darlings.

You can move the ears around! She got another one in pink, supposed to be female Stitch.

That's all for my days of expenditure. Tiredness creep up on us, but had fun before work and school begin. Ciao!

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