Saturday, June 2, 2012

Cuppa Dream

I always indulged in fashion. Not in terms of purchasing, mind you, but more on 'observing'. No, I'm no more pervert than you but I really like to observe people's personal style. Well, who don't? I categorised this as an evil side of me; indulge in branded products despite poor financial status. This side of me also dreamed of becoming filthy rich in order to fulfill my wish of purchasing a Maserati Gran Turismo MC Stradale, a Jaguar XJR, and few more cars. Oh, also a large land encompassing a self-designed open mansion with an outdoor living room, 3 storey-high indoor living room with staircase up to a quarter-sized open floor for coffee while enjoying the starry night through a glass roof (can be shaded via automation), rock garden surrounding an indoor swimming, tented vegetable plantations and whatnot.

Well... sometimes I don't really think of those. There is another side of me that I really wanted to realise. Once I retired, or maybe somewhere around age 40 plus, I want to open a coffee shop. Not those heavily commercialised, but a simple coffee shop. I want to be the barista to brew different coffee to different people. I want it to be special; a hideout for the stressed, a haven for the bookworms (I'll get to that later), a room to generate ideas.  

I want to educate people on coffee; not just the usual flat white or espresso, but beyond that into the minute beans (although I wonder how deep people might know about coffee 20 years later). I will also place a few bookshelves and fill it up with books of insights, novels, magazines so that people may indulge themselves into current issues, fashion, or even into realm of fantasy!

I want to open the coffee shop early in the morning where people may come for a quickie espresso over the counter to energise their morning. I also will open until near midnight to allow people relax after a day's work. Uptempo happy pop songs will be played in the morning, jazz in the afternoon and soothing piano will dominate late evening. I will stay few blocks away from the coffee shop so I may cycle to work. And maybe wish a few 'Good morning' on the way.

How I wish all these would come true. Although I always stressed on opening the shop not on profit basis, I doubt I'll ever do that. In the mean time, have you had your cuppa yet?

Interested to start your own coffee adventure? Try these sites:
1. Cuppa - Malaysia No.1 Online Coffee Store

Have a good day!

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