Sunday, August 5, 2012


I had a vision.

Well, I had visions before.

Remember this where I mentioned of a house I visioned? I have another vision which just, how do you say it, acts as the base. 

I would buy a land. Not just any land, but a land of which I would inspect its history, soil type, sturdiness, and scan in depth for any erratic symptoms. All these might sound ridiculous, but it is where I would want a home on solid foundation; not sinking land. There, I would build the house brick by brick from foundation all the way up to the roof. Of course this would mean learning house building from my dad and civil engineering. 

Why the hassle? The vision I had not just on the house itself, but on the idea that the house would last generations; sheltering my children, grandchildren and beyond. I want to save bit by bit from my measly monthly salary to buy the needed ingredients, and construct the house on every weekends for as long as my life permits. To abide this vision, I will have to retreat from social living, fashion splendour and even decent food. This will sound like a joke, unpractical and illogical to you. 

This, is my vision.

PS: Nah, I think I'll just spend my working life visiting different coffee houses every month.

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