Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Many thoughts

Ever wonder what it's like to think in a train? I did that recently in a journey back home. In fact, my mind usually went off thinking of things that do not matter to my academics. I enjoyed train journeys; observing little details that passes by while the train go through the outskirts of city. 

I observed grey smokes churning out from chimneys of factory buildings. Garbage piled up randomly across the fields. Greens struggling to reclaim back their lands from the development. Cows forced to live among themselves in a tiny plot of land, coexisting with lush greeneries. Middle-aged men laughing zealously in their tiny worn shack they called home. Sky that seem so grey even without rain clouds. Take a look back, people were busy with their phones and tablets.

Then it comes to me; when do people stopped looking at the bigger view? The tiny village implies that people can achieve happiness if they are willing to lower their living standard, but of course to some extend. Constant development and increasing of demand forced factories to work overtime unethically to gain profit which leaves one question; how do they manage pollutants emission? Then again, the observation of a cow grazing the bushes disheartened me of what sin had they done to be slaughtered as man's food supply? The same goes to poultry and other meats.

These thoughts may and will be irrelevant to many, as they only care about top notch living standards, taking for granted all the things they were given. Some may even oppose to such thinking so that the world will progress indefinitely regardless of the ecosystem they were blessed with. Hatred may even be spawned when you ask such things to them; Why don't you be vegetarian then? How about you live in the jungle? Why are you still using high tech gadgets then? - were just a few questions I thought they would retaliate.

Ah yes, why not vegetarian? I always thought of the animals. They had little intelligence capacities therefore unable to presume what would happen next. I remember reading news on the effect of civilisation to the animals. A tiger roamed to Wayanad, Kerala (southwest of India) was cornered and shot dead by a local mob. This shows how little information the people know of tiger and its population. People only care of their convenience and resort to various barbaric actions that opposed to the word 'civilisation'. Polar bears were also undeniably affected. Can you imagine 80 polar bears travelled to the same place for food because of their decreasing habitat due to global warming? Whoever say that global warming was a hoax shall shut their mouth and put into school!

There was once I wandered deep in my thoughts while I gazed far into the mountains where trees stood tall soon to be cleared. I thought, what is the purpose of everything. For whom do trees grow? What is the purpose of flies and mosquitoes when they live such a short life? Why are humans thrived to work in a repetitive cycle for money in order to fulfil their needs and demands? Why bother whole lot of education when in the end human still resort to the need of barbaric actions? For what reason are we created? Why do we live for?

There are whole lot of questions to be answered of which frustrates me. Until then, I shall stop here.

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