Saturday, December 6, 2008

Another post

3rd time haha!

Went to BTS yesterday to buy some clothes..... at last just bought 2 pieces of shirts from Esprit.

I was supposed to accompany my friends to wait for Linda Chung's appearance at Sg. Wang, but was too tired so I went home straight after the shop. My friends went for movies and then go to SW. (no emoticon ke?)

Hmm..... on thursday during recess, we all went to Wangsa Maju for brunch. And then, disaster strike when Arvin was accidently pushed by VW and hit at YC's Honda Civic number plate. What happen next? (*snap!*)

Next, is the introduction of Maxis Broadband. RM100 for activation fees, coupled with RM108 per month for 17months for Maxis Postpaid principle holder.

Good or not? Well basically if your area's covered, then it's good to go. However, it's reminded that when it's cloudy or raining, the reception's so poor that you can't even online. Another thing is, you can't use more than 3GB of data or your connection will be throttled. 1-3.5Mbps, worth or not? It's your choice.

As for me, it's Streamyx FTW.

By the way, I finally had my lightbox in 50% completion! The GunPla was used as a size comparison and for some checking. Now I need lot's of tracing papers and whiteboard.

K la gtg. (short forms ftw)

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