Saturday, December 20, 2008


Despite the "again", I didn't really updated anything for the last 14 days. Well that's "lazy blogger" for you isn't it? Besides..... I'm a bit busy lately :P

Now, I'll try to recap what happened from last week till now. More pictures to come, and heads will roll!

Belkin Wireless G+ MIMO Router

14 days ago I gave a tiny bit of external review regarding the Maxis Broadband gadget. Today, it's the Belkin Wireless G+ MIMO Router. The MIMO means "Multiple-input and Multiple-output" which supposed to boost the range of the wireless capability. This also means extra antenna poking out from the back of the router. Well, it enables this router to have a performance of covering up to 1000 ft., that's about 300 m. Cool. I do not want to talk more into the technical stuff. Basically, this router rocks! It didn't fail me at all despite me having to bring my laptop to all over my house (excluding toilet). It's capable of providing up to 54Mbps (no use, Streamyx can't even give me a full 1Mbps worth of speed).

Here's the pictures taken in low-exposure.

Friendly instructions are everywhere in this magic box. To make sure it's idiot-proof.


Sungei Wang & Berjaya Times Square

Some loli dancing and acting on the stage in BTS

Cyndy sent her Christmas card so early in the month as usual

Thanks! I can't seem to contact you, and you don't even have a cbox in your blog. Add one la!

Factory visit

My group in the course went for a factory visit at Shah Alam (the place where they held the Bon Odori annually). The Kanzen company is located opposite the Toyota factory, just a turn away from Panasonic TV and such as I describe earlier. It's currently the biggest stainless steel manufacturer in South East Asia, with 75% of its products being shipped overseas. This is the place where bunch of engineers spent their whole life in, and got bored literally. Not many pictures here, because I'm not allowed to take any in the manufacturing parts.

Nervous or happy?


I went to cut my hair that day, and it turns out to be awful. O' damn it!

Steven Corner's Nasi Goreng Pattaya

Was bored. :S

What I do at night almost every weekend.

Shukri's bro. In BodyGlove XD

Go out yum cha wor..... believe?

K la, enough craps for today. See ya..urm.. next week?

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