Monday, January 26, 2009


Don't ask me, I just copy and paste that Chinese words online. Banana here.

Happy Chinese new year to my fellow friends, bloggers and anonymous alike. May you and your family have a graceful and blissful and wonderful and -whatever positive- days in this year of Cow......... I mean Ox.

Sh*t. I dunno what to write anymore. Erm, what to do now? Let's see:
- Hop around the house like an antelope
- Shout like a complete retard.
- Go out see neighbour set up fireworks (those used for new year countdown).
- Watch football (Liverpool vs Everton).
- Suit yourself.

Oh, I got my Pedro shoes by the way. There's a new Pedro shoes outlet in 1U, launched on Friday, having both the man and woman variants. KLCC don't have woman variants. No outlet/in-store picture as it's not allowed and I won't snap secretly as I respect the rules.

I like the box

Nice? Leather with glossy touch.

Pedro shoes website : Pedroshoes

Shukri says it's a designer shoes, but to me, designer shoes are something like Salvatore Ferragamo or something like that haha. Next mission; Padani's slim stylish and work belts.

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