Tuesday, February 17, 2009



えっと ねえ、これを読んで下さい。


凄いですけどさあ。。。,でも それは変じゃないか。

Sorry for the 日本語、済まないだけどさ。。。しかたないな~LOL

Thanks to fellow blogger lillis for providing the news.

Same question:
How could the little fellow support the family?

Thinking back, I remember that when I was only 13, I'm still wondering in my world of fantasy, without much care about relationship and stuff. All I see and read were the novels of Harry Potter and The Lord of the Ring. Opposite sex? Well, I don't fantasize them during that time, what's more fun than having loads of money and novels?

And food.


Oh by the way, look at this fellow

I feel wanna draw the face LOL

Before you turn away and decide not to visit this blog again, please enjoy the Transformer 2 trailer available from paultan.org.

(For some reason I can't embed it here.)

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