Sunday, February 22, 2009

Double Happiness

1st, lightbox.

I finally finished the "construction" of my personal cheap "lightbox". To those who do not know what's a lightbox, please head to Strobist and check it out! It's a great blog, giving me inputs on how to get the correct position and lighting to snap a photo. Well, I like macro shots the most. Alright, no more babbling and here comes the pictures!

The settings

Simply snapped

The macro shot

Now I need a mini pendaflour light or spotlight.

2nd, BB's litter (not shi- mind you!).

She gave birth on 19th of February 2009. The day where I had to walk under the scorching sun to the bank and post office to pay the bills. *sigh*

Mother, Bibi

The anxious father, Jack2

Altogether 7 puppies, with 3 pairs of twins and a solo ranger; 2 white with dark patches on the face, 2 black with white ring around the neck like the father, 2 brownish black and 1 full black like the mother. All have white belly.

Sleep beside the mommy *haha*

Extra, consider this bonus to tease Sheng la.

Yesterday Sheng teases us with his Sichuan dishes in Australia. So we 3S teased him back with oriental Dragon-i dimsum.

3S; Shukri, Shamelin Sam (LMAO) and Shin.

Custard with egg yolk filling

I felt that all the steamed wantan-like thingy in Dragon-i taste the same as their Shanghai siu long bao. Overall, I do not really like this restaurant after tasting more than 15 kinds of food available there. No offense, really. Maybe it's my picky tastebuds, do give a try yourself before giving a verdict.

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