Monday, February 9, 2009

Kang San E Korean BBQ

Ok, continue from last time entry.

One busy sms, another 1 busy playing FEAR.

After got some briefing on the menu by the waiter (they know 3 dialects; Korean, Mandarin and English), we made our orders of which I forgot the names.

The side dishes that are served in all Korean BBQ.

Pork bacon strips.

Marinated beef.


Cooked marinated beef.

"Hmm... not bad."

Cleaned up the barbecue tray and changed the charcoal for second round.

We order more meats, and it's their famous Kal Bee (marinated pork) this time.

Kal Bee

Nice food must snap; Foodwhore dudes.

More Kal Bee.

Moar Kal Bee

Need me to say MOAR?

When we finished eating, they gave us desserts; red bean paste shaved ice and watermelons.

Total cost RM192+ for the extravagance food.

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