Monday, February 9, 2009

The Lost of a Best Friend

Sounds sad huh? No, not death or what but Sheng, 1 of our 4S had flew to Melbourne in pursuit of his studies. Lazy to explain, time for pictures! (I'm not a lazy blogger for nothing.)

Sunset on the way to KLIA

Our last "dinner" at McD KLIA.

After some kisses and hugs, there he goes.

"Look, I'm not crying kay!"

Poor chap, walking alone from now on.

Sending Sheng go remembered Steph of sending his brother to Brazil 2 years ago where he didn't even look back or wave or anything. I can see her face kinda sad, like wanna break into tears. (Let's hope she won't read my blog, or I'll get roundhouse kicked.)

Well, at least he'll be meeting new people in a new environment.

Dunno what to say here.

Good body posture gives great balancing.

Adrian's kickin' butt to release his stress.

With Sheng in Australia, our 4S group lose 1 member for breakfast, lunch, dinner, yum cha, shopping and fashion advice. Not to mention free-ride for me too! XD

Gonna miss your car.........I mean Sheng!

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