Saturday, February 28, 2009


Behold, this will be my 3rd "words-only" entry. So don't expect any pictures from me. Back to topic, I got this weird dream for the second time, involving a massacre and ghosts.

Okay here's the dream:

The dream start off at a familiar horse training ground near my old house. Few officers were riding horses walking gallantly around the compound. I'm there with a few of my friends standing in a marching formation outside the office, clearly awaiting for some higher rank officer. The officer came out, gave us speech, then dunno what happened we were invited into the office. And the story twist.

The interior of the office looks very much alike my old house, except the fact that the lights were not switched on. I walked around, the people in this room were all clad like gangsters; black jacket, sunglasses, chains. The interior changed again, this time a tunnel with an arch leading to the other room appeared. I'm aware of what am I, an undercover officer in the lair of gangster. I walked around, come out from the tunnel after receiving a few salutes, then the door in front opened. I saw another guy whom I recognised as another undercover officer walking in with the mafia and a few underlings. Afraid of being seen by him, I quickly ran back the tunnel to the other room.

I feel and felt pain at my back. I looked back, an underling sitting on the couch stab me with a sword (not a knife or dagger). I looked at him and said, "You stab me!" He then replied, "I don't mean it, I was brandishing it when you suddenly rush in..." I saw the smirk at his face. I was infuriated with anger and took the sword in his hand. I started the massacre. Slashing everyone in the house, including a woman kingpin. Though I realised she was saved by a hardcover thick book she was holding at that time, I didn't finish the job but run through the tunnel and upstairs.

I saw a man and woman back themselves against a bookcase; man on the left, woman on the right. The was a baby sleeping on top of the pile of books, with more books covering the parents. The wife asked the husband, "Are you ready to die darling?", the husband replied, "Yes, indeed." I walked towards them, and use the sword to stab them through the books in front of the husband, killing both. I stab and stab and stab like a crazy killer, until the books were coloured in red and blood splashed onto my face. The woman kingpin came up to me, very much alive and said, "You do not dare to kill me."

Once again, I was infuriated and rushed to her to stab her hard on the chest. This time I was sure she was dead. I do not know how many had perished in my hand. The environment changed, this time I was standing in a garden enveloped with blocks of building. I was facing a girl clad in white dress sitting on a wheelchair. I walked to her and asked about her sister's whereabouts. Her face was pale, very white. She looked upon over the staircase to the grass field, her sister was lying there with blood on her. I realised I was too late to safe her, and also the fact that this very girl sitting on the wheelchair was death too. I left her sitting alone there, as she slowly turned back and looked at me with her big black eyes on her white face.

I walked back to where I was standing before this, and saw many children were dead around me. I walked further on through a tunnel to the other side of the garden, and saw the parents all chatting hoping their kids were alright. I did not speak a single word. I turned right and just as I took a few steps, I heard the parents shrieked. I looked back, saw them all lying on the floor facing the same direction. I rushed there and what I saw was those children, now came back as ghosts; with long black hair clad in white robes, floating above their parents, holding their legs and want to kill them. I was able to drag a woman nearest to me away from being killed, and she took her stepdaughter away. They walked to the same direction as I wanted to before this and went into a room. I followed her, and saw the other parents with their children.

The woman I saved just now spoke that, "All my children were dead. This is my stepdaughter. There's no way they gonna haunt us down!" A kid sitting with his parent at the opposite side said, "Who say? You might as well be dead by now!" I realised that the ghosts were all finding the last remains of their family to die together. There was some kind of watery sound, a pool of blood appeared out of nowhere, and the ghost of the woman's daughter crawled out from the pool to claim their lives. But they escaped the claw of death. I walked away from the room, closing the door and heard, "See, we're not harmed!" said the woman. Another sound of blood gushing into the room with woman's screams were heard.

That's when I woke up this morning.

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