Saturday, February 7, 2009

Random 4

Why so many randoms??? No idea actually.

Yesterday (Friday) Sheng, Shuk and me went to try Korean BBQ at Korean Village near Jln Ampang. God, we missed the leng lui spotting time!

Back to topic, I've already done a research, which I usually do, before going into any places blindly. Kang San E, Mu Jin Jang, Nak Won and Woo Ga Chon? There are still tonnes of other restaurants there.

For the sake of having the best marinated pork (like bacon strips), we went for this:

Okay, sorta potong stem but I'm not gonna continue writing bout this now because I had an urgent news to report. Stephanie is admitted to the hospital.

Kinda sad, seeing her lying on the bed can't really move her legs and were forced to depend on the electronic gadgets.

Not enough high to reach the table

Finally can eat...

Sad right?

Just JOKING!!!!!
(If in any condition do the subject found this post offensive, I will remove it accordingly.)

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